Unique Staff Gifts

Do you want to surprise your staff with a unique gift? Chocolate is the answer! Thank your employees with a home working package as a gift. A unique way to thank your staff for their efforts.

Appreciating your staff is very important and our chocolate bars are a great way to show this. The gifts for employees can vary from different bars, a chocolate package or a tea / chocolate pairing.

Our bean-to-bar bars are handmade from the bean, artisanal, honest and therefore have a unique character.

Business prices are given. Contact us for a business quote for staff gifts.

Staff Gift ideas

Every order will be fitted to your needs. Give us a call or drop us an email to find out about the possibilities. Below are some ideas to get you started!

Chocolate pack

7 of our best bars in a luxury black-gold box. With or without a ribbon. This gift WILL put a smile on their faces!

Tea chocolate pairing

3 teas, 3 bars matching perfectly. Get the motivation up with this amazing tea and chocolate pairing.

Any choice of chocolate bars

Choose from of our range of chocolate bars, in any combination or quantity.

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