28 August 2019

The Netherlands is the largest importer of cocoa beans

In 2018, the Netherlands imported 1.1 billion kilos of cocoa beans. More than half of them came from the Ivory Coast. This makes the Netherlands the largest importer of cocoa beans in the world. About three quarters is destined for the Dutch cocoa processing industry, about a quarter is immediately sold on to other countries. Statistics Netherlands reports this on the basis of new research into the destination of imports of Dutch goods.
The Netherlands is an important importer of large agricultural products such as cocoa beans, palm oil (the Netherlands is the third largest import country in the world based on import value), soy (fourth country) and coffee (five countries). In terms of the fourth import burden, the Netherlands is the fourth oil palm importer and eight coffee importer.

The Netherlands is the largest importer of the cocoa bean, palm oil and soy in the European Union. India is the world’s largest importer of palm oil, China is by far the largest importer of soybeans, and the United States is the largest importer of coffee.