Studies: donkere chocolade versterkt onze hersengezondheid

Daily dark chocolate keeps the brain fit It sounds too good to be true: eating chocolate can be good for your health. An Italian research team is now showing the positive effects of dark chocolate on brain health in a study. Responsible for the effect of the cocoa flavanols present, […]

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Geschiedenis van chocola

c. 600 BC The Maya drank a drink containing chocolate. Research (2002) discovered traces of theobromine (dust in chocolate) in three separate teapots from a Mayan burial site in Colha, Belize. circa 500 BC Traces of cocoa found on a flat plate used to prepare food 1000-1125 CE Fragments of […]

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Nederland grootste importeur cacaobonen

In 2018, the Netherlands imported 1.1 billion kilos of cocoa beans. More than half of them came from the Ivory Coast. This makes the Netherlands the largest importer of cocoa beans in the world. About three quarters is destined for the Dutch cocoa processing industry, about a quarter is immediately […]

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