red velvet


70% Pure Chocolade, 70 gram

Honduras Mayan Red

HERKOMST: Honduras

ESTATE / BOON: Mayan Red

SMAAK: Hints van rozijnen en rood fruit

INGREDIËNTEN: cacaobonen, rietsuiker, cacaoboter

VOEDINGSWAARDE: Per 100 gram energie: 2412 kJ / 581 kcal - vet: 43,0 g - waarvan verzadigd vetzuur: 26,0 g - koolhydraten: 35,0 g - waarvan suiker: 31,0 g - eiwit: 8,3 g



Dusk Chocolate Red Velvet Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao, (70 gram bar). Single Origin Craft Chocolate Bean-to-bar made in the Netherlands.

Flavor / Source: This Honduras Mayan Red cocoa has delicious notes of raisins and red fruit making it ideal for more balanced chocolates with a classic yet complex taste.

Bean-to-Bar Process: Dusk is dedicated to making the most unusually delicious chocolate the world has ever known. In our The Hague factory we manufacture everything from the ground up with ethically sound, certified organic products from a single source and create unique recipes that get the best out of the bean.

Properties: This chocolate is vegan, organic and gluten-free and is made in small quantities from bean to bar in The Hague, Netherlands

Suitable for / Usage: Our Red Velvet chocolate is a healthy and delicious luxury. The craft and design make it a wonderful gift on its own or in a basket of various gifts. Do you need a Christmas present? Chocolate is the answer. Our chocolate is a great gift for the holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, chocolate lovers, girlfriends, friends and spouses alike. We make first-class dark chocolate with the best ingredients in the world and it is sure to please lovers of artisanal, fine dining.