tea chocolate pairing


Tea & Chocolate
3 bars, 3 teas

That special moment you grab for yourself. It’s You time. And no better way than to spend it with tea and chocolate. When paired well tea and chocolate are each others lovers. Carefully selected premium quality teas with three of our delicious chocolate bars are truly a perfect match. Feel the delight of flavours amplify or complete each other.

Dream away while you enjoy. Soothing. Relaxing. Your moment. Just what you need.

What are the pairings?

White tea blend Raspberry / Tonka Bean – Red Velvet chocolate
This white tea contains the Tonka bean. The sweet aroma is reminiscent of vanilla, but it also has hints of rum, cloves and cinnamon. Combined with a fruity, local raspberry provides an incomparable moment of happiness and it is a wonderful combination with the Red Velvet chocolate bar.

Black Tea Blend Organic Fresh Berries – Raspberry Heaven chocolate
Fields full of organically grown berries as far as the eye can see. Refreshing red strawberries, black currants and bright pink raspberries kissed by the sun are waiting to be enjoyed. This black tea is a refined combination with the Raspberry Heaven chocolate bar.

Semi-fermented tea China Jasmine Oolong – Haitian Sunshine chocolate
This Oolong tea comes from the Guangxi province in the south of China. The combination with a Ti Kuan Yin cultivar results in a wonderfully floral, very sweet taste that lingers on the tongue for a long time.
This Oolong tea is delicious on its own, but the sun only really shines in combination with the Haitian Sunshine chocolate bar.

What’s in the package?

Tea in a storage box
1x White tea blend Raspberry / Tonka Bean flavored 15g
1x Black Tea Blend Organic Fresh Berries (Raspberry-Blueberry) De-Öko-003 Flavored 20g
1x Semi-fermented tea China Jasmine Oolong 30g

Depending on the desired strength and chosen type, you can make 5 to 12 cups of tea per type.

1x Red Velvet chocolate bar
1x Raspberry Heaven chocolate bar
1x Haitian Sunshine chocolate bar

Vegan. All teas and chocolates are vegan.

Tea Chocolate pairing by Thé14 Brussels